Welcome to CycleGalsPDX!

This is the online journal for our cross-country bicycle trip.

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We will be posting regular updates from our travels.  To see our latest post, click on “Updates From the Road” under Categories.

What’s with the name CycleGalsPDX? It is Cycle as in bicycle.  It is gals as in two women, Lisa and Maura (that’s us).  It is PDX as in Portland International Airport (slang for Portland, Oregon) as in the place we live.  

This website will chronicle our cycling trip across the U.S.A.  Our adventure will begin on June 1, 2008 in Portland, Oregon and end in Washington, DC on August 16.  For answers to some of your questions check out our FAQ page.


If our Treks fail, there’s always the moss bike

Photo taken in Holland.